Choosing the Right Destination for Your Student Performance Group

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Whether you’re a veteran of student performance trips or just starting out, you’re probably aware that the destination is what’s going to frame the trip in the light you desire.

You’re not just putting them through their paces.  You want them to take home more than they came with.  That means choosing a destination that speaks to the work they’ve been doing over the year and which engages them.

There are so many unique destinations to choose from, but what are you looking for?  What’s your vision?

A Beautiful Place to Visit, But Is It Right?

The world is full of beautiful places to visit, but they’re not all right for your purposes.  You may love being there.  You may have fond memories of the destination you’re considering.  But if that destination doesn’t give you the opportunities you need to underline what you’ve been teaching your students, then it’s not going to work.

Choosing the right destination for your student performance group means knowing about resources available.  You’ll want to book end any performances your students are going to be doing with superior workshops and clinics with acknowledged leaders in the field.

You may also be thinking that your students would enjoy being part of a festival, a parade, or a competition.  Those are important considerations for performing groups, so finding a destination that has everything you need is what’s most important.

How to Think It Through

As you would if you were going to the grocery store, make a list of what you want to happen on your student performance trip.  Clinics?  Workshops?  Competition?  Parade?  Then, do your homework and see where you can check all the boxes which factor into your vision.

Also important to consider is budget.  You may dream of a student performance in the ruins of the Imperial Forum in Rome, but does your budget accommodate the high price of travel to distant Italy?  You may need to rein in your inspiration if that’s not the case.

Give yourself lots of time to plan. That way, you’ll have more time to fundraise.  Also, don’t arbitrarily select the destination.  Give your students a voice by asking their opinions about where they’d like to go, then include them in your research.  You may find that one of your students has the seed that grows into a student performance trip to remember.

And for heaven’s sake, don’t sweat the small stuff.  Wherever you go, you’re going to give your students a gift that will serve them throughout their lives, whether they become professional musicians or not.  Taking a collaborative approach by inviting student input takes at least some of the heat off you and makes your excursion something you’ve created in community.

Peak Performance Tours

Peak has been taking budding performing artists places for more than 2 decades.  With voluminous experience in destination and vendor selection, we’re also itinerary masters who create student trips to remember.

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