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Disneyland is an icon of being young and the sense of wonder of seeing the world through a child’s eyes.  But from the seed of Disneyland, an international empire has grown and with that empire, myriad opportunities for students to wish upon a star.  At every Disney facility, these programs are offered to foster quality education for students of all ages.

Disney Youth Programs unlock student potential by presenting them with chances to learn about their chosen performing art.  But these programs run the gamut from science to leadership, so there’s a lot more to them than music.

Fun + Learning = Disney

Everyone knows Disney as the most magical place on earth.  But not everyone knows about the power of Disney Youth Programs.

For student groups from kindergarten to college, Disney offers a wide range of opportunities for learning that’s fun, accessible and inspirational.  The types of experience on offer range from field trips to workshops, to performance opportunities – all concretizing lessons learned in the classroom and placing them in vibrant context.

Disney Performing Arts has been putting students in the spotlight since 1955.  Your band, choir, orchestra or dance group gets the chance to show off what they’ve learned in front of thousands of visitors in Disney’s facilities all over the world.

There are also workshops with performing arts professionals so students can develop their skills, and the opportunity of competing in a music festival organized by Disney.  Choose from vocal, theatre, dance and instrumental educational experiences your students will remember their whole lives.

It’s a Small, Small World of Education

Disney Youth Programs don’t stop at the arts.  The Disney Youth Education Series provides students with 3D experiences that make classroom learning come to life.

Students will be encouraged to engage their critical thinking skills and model teamwork in unique programs covering everything from physics to cultural studies.  The Magical Kingdom is a small, small world of education that blends the wonder of Disney with the thrill of discovery.

And Celebration, Too

A party at Disney to celebrate graduation?  It all becomes possible with Disney Youth Programs.  Held at the Disneyland Resort in beautiful California, or the Walt Disney World Resort in sunny Florida, these events combine a graduation with Disney attractions to create a grad night to remember forever.

With Disney Youth Programs, the educational sky’s the limit.  And with Peak Performance Tours, you get focused expertise that crafts the ideal Disney experience for your student group.

Peak Performance Tours

Peak has been taking students on educational adventures for more than 20 years.  We provide the perfect itinerary for your student group, rooted in educator vision and curricular directives.

With Peak, your vision becomes a reality as we build the adventure of a lifetime with our long term, wide-ranging experience of destinations and vendors.

And you’re never alone with Peak.  Your students have 24/7 support throughout your trip and a dedicated professional to keep your itinerary on track.

Ready for Disney?  Contact us for more information about connecting with Disney Youth Programs.

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