Making the Most of Summer Break for Band Directors

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Band directors give everything they’ve got to the project of creating the musicians of tomorrow.  They’re always “on”, looking for ways to support and inspire their students.  So, this post is for you, intrepid band directors.  Making the most of summer break for band directors is about strategizing for the year ahead and squeezing in a little “me” time to make sure you’re good and ready.

Get Some Rest

People tend to think that all teachers do over the summer break is lie in a hammock, snoring.  Unfortunately, that’s not the case.  There’s always something that needs to be done and sometimes, it seems like the school year never ends.

But we don’t need to tell you.  That’s why it’s so important that you carve out time to recharge your batteries, so you can be there for your students when all musical heck breaks out in the fall.

Rest, rejuvenate, stick your toes in the sand at the beach and tune out for a while.  You’ll be ready to rumble with whatever September brings.

Explore Mentorship

You want to be the best band director possible, so seeking out a mentor is one of the best things you can do to achieve that end.  It’s also one of the best things you can do for your students.

Think about other band directors in your district, or in nearby districts and choose the one you most admire.  Set up a lunch date and then let the magic begin.  You’re looking for professional support to build up your understanding and skill.  With a mentor, it doesn’t end at lunch, you’re developing a relationship to nurture your love of teaching and music throughout the school year.

Invite your mentor to your class and share recordings of recent live performances.  Invite your mentor’s critique and break new ground as a band director and an inspiration to your students.

Make Time for Music

We know.  Music is your life.  Still, spending time with recordings by professionals and legendary artists in genres as disparate as classical and jazz can inform you.  Hear something new and refresh your ears, while gathering valuable ideas for the coming year.

Choose music you’re not as well-acquainted with as you’d like to be and broaden your horizons.  New input will impact your teaching and the enjoyment and learning of your students.

Take in Some Podcasts

Podcasts are an excellent way to supplement your knowledge and gain new insights.  There are a couple you should check out, as a band director.

The Music Ed Mentor Podcast explores the challenges and concerns of music education professionals, offering ways to overcome and learn from them, featuring guest educators.

Another excellent resource is the Band Matters podcast.  Here you’ll find useful tips from great band directors, offering you renewal and inspiration for the fall educational season.

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